I Possess What I Confess

When we believe, confess, and declare God’s Word aloud daily, we can become who God wants us to be. As we assimilate the Word of God, our attitude, outlook, speech, and personality will shift towards the person God wants us to become; victorious, an overcomer, more than a conqueror through Christ, positive, in possession of the Word of God and His great promises. 

I Possess What I Confess. I Grow Strong on the Word of God. I can be who God wants me to be. I can do what God wants me to do. I can have what God wants me to have. 


The Confession of God’s Word

Confession involves the meditation of God’s Word. In Hebrew, meditation means to “chew,” to “mumble to self,” and to speak aloud to oneself or among one another. God wants us to have His Word in our lives because, in His Word, we find great promises, certainty, and everything that pertains to life and godliness. As your meditate on God’s Word, declare aloud His promises over your life. Claim His promise. Read and learn from scripture!


Personalize the Word of God

Here are five personal questions to help you to personalize God’s Word in your heart:

  1. What does the passage teach me about Jesus Christ?
  2. Is there any instruction/command for me to obey in this passage?
  3. Is there any example for me to follow in this passage?
  4. Is there any exemplary prayer point for me to follow?
  5. Is there any promise in this passage for me to claim?


A Confession of Strength to Overcome

Father, I come today to make my confession of Your Word before Your great throne of mercy. I know that You are my Father. Lord Jesus that You are my Lord and Savior. I know that the Holy Spirit dwells within me. I am covered by the blood of Jesus, and the angels of the Lord attend my way. Lord, I do not believe all that my eyes see and all that I feel, and all that the enemy would bring against me. As I boldly confess Your Word, 

My body will line up with Your Word,

My mind will obey Your Word,

My spirit will rise to the level of Your Word.

I thank You that You have placed a law within us and within Your Word. We shall have whatsoever we ask (Mark 11:23), and there is power of life and death in our tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Lord, I choose life! Life is mine and not dearth!


Father, I come to you boldly to declare; 

I am strong, spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and materially.

I am a new creation in Christ Jesus. I am no longer condemned. God does not remember my sins. All my sins have been blotted out. My past has passed away. I am a new creation. If I sin, I will immediately confess my sins. and I will immediately be cleansed from all unrighteousness. My righteousness comes from Christ.

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